The Green European Foundation has two main decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. Members of the General Assembly represent the three main stakeholders of the Green European Foundation: national Green foundations from all over Europe, the European Green Party and the Green Group in the European Parliament. At least 50% of the members of the General Assembly are representatives of the national political foundations. The General Assembly meets twice a year, and sets the overall direction and priorities for the foundation. 
 Every second year the General Assembly elects a Board of Directors from its members. The Board of Directors meets on a more regular basis and is responsible for the overall strategic management and decision-making of the foundation. The Board also elects the two co-presidents of the foundation. 


GEF benefits from excellent cooperation with - and the support of - its many project partners. It has collaborated with:

  • Green national foundations in more than 16 European countries;
  • think thanks and research institutes: Wuppertal Institute (Germany), Öko Institut e.V. (Germany);
  • academics;
  • non-governmental organisations': European Women's Lobby (EU/Belgium), Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe (Sweden)
  • other Green actors such as The Federation of Young European Greens, the European Network of Green Seniors, the European Green Gender Observatory, the European Greens' Individual Supporters' Network etc.