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Lancaster LA1 1UN
Lancaster, United Kingdom

Due to climate change, extreme weather events become more likely and hence instability and uncertainty for the communities affected increases. This conference will address how the experience of extreme weather events now can help communities to be better prepared for such events in the future.

As extreme weather events are becoming more frequent due to global warming, this conference aims to increase awareness of extreme weather events, how to prepare for them and what people can do when they happen, increase awareness of climate change, and to contribute to formulation of Green policies on adaptation and resilience. Taking place in a community, which was affected by a flood in December 2015 that caused a major power failure, the event will address how to cope with the climate change that is now inevitable with a strong inclusion of the local community. Moreover, local politicians from other European countries will be invited to the conference to exchange best practices and discuss what can be done on a European level to streamline the efforts to fight climate change and its impact on local communities.

The results of the one-day conference will be published in November 2017, summarising how to better prepare for extreme weather events, how to respond to them, and what policies and changes to technology and practices need to be put in place to enable communities to cope better and be more resilient.

Registration: Stay tuned!

Date: 28 October 2017 (exact time TBC)

Venue: tbc, Lancaster, United Kingdom


Lancaster LA1 1UN
Lancaster, United Kingdom