Workshop » 06 November 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey

Crossing the Bridge: GEF at EGP Council in Istanbul

The Green European Foundation will be present at the European Green Party (EGP) Council in Istanbul, Turkey (November 7-9), hosted by the Turkish Green Party Yeşiller ve Sol Gelecek Partisi. GEF will host two workshops, related to its work and publications in 2014, to stimulate debate and foment ideas and connections for future projects.

Istanbul is regarded as the symbolic junction where the Asian and European continents meet. Yet this position has not always been without tensions. Turkey’s accession negociations have raised challenging questions for Europe about it’s cultural and geopolitical identity. The Gezi protests which broke out in 2013 highlighted the restrictions on freedom and democratic expression that remain in Turkey. In light of this, it seems fitting that the EGP council is being held in such a fascinating and rapidly changing location, and GEF will seek to take advantage of the potential for establishing new connections and making new voices heard.

GEF will host two workshops:

Privatisation of education and health care services – Green Responses

GEF workshop, Friday 7 November 2014, 19.00 – 21.00

Privatisation is changing the way states across Europe provide services for their citizens. In many countries, thousands of small decisions have resulted in a paradigm shift from public to private ownership in the welfare sector, without a democratically legitimised general policy. Counter-reactions have emerged in many countries, but they have different political colours: some progressive and left-wing; others populist and right-wing. The workshop will present a Green European Foundation report on privatisation of education and health care services in several European countries and will discuss what are the Green responses to this transformation in society?

You can read the report here.


  • Frida Johnsson, Project Manager Cogito Foundation (Sweden) and coordinator of the report "A Third Sector in Welfare"
  • Erzsebet Gergely, Director Ecopolis Foundation (Hungary)
  • TBC - speaker from Turkish trade union federation

New media and digital resistance

GEF workshop, Saturday 8 November 2014, 19.00 – 21.00

The rise of social media and new channels for sharing and receiving information have altered the traditional media landscape beyond recognition. In a country like Turkey, where protest movements relied on new media in light of government censorship and crackdowns on freedom expression, developments in this area are particularly significant. 

In connection to the online publications Green European Journal and Yeşil Gazete, an interactive discussion will explore how media, both in its traditional and newly emerging forms, can be an asset or a hindrance to social movements and campaigns. What is the role that Green publications, at the national and European level, can play in the public sphere to counter disinformation, censorship and bias, whether it comes from government authorities or traditional media?

Opening remarks: 

  • Sevgi Mutlu, Green Thought Association (Yeşil Düşünce Derneği)
  • Hıdır Geviş, founder of civic journalism portal
  • Özge Kara, Turkish ecological online magazine Yeşil Gazete

A full programme as well as further information on the Council is available on the EGP website.  

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