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8:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Green European Foundation is hosting a workshop about digital commons in Warsaw, on 04 November 2017, with the support of our partner Strefa Zieleni.


The commons are driven by citizens’ initiatives, including an increasing amount of digital opportunities as well as new technologies which have the power to transform democracy. This topic will be addressed in the upcoming workshop in Warsaw hosted together with Strefa Zieleni. The event is a part of our ongoing project Reclaim the Commons which aims to explore the transformative power of the commons, whilst involving the Greens and a wider audience around this topic.

Workshop in Warsaw

This event will focus on democracy and participation, and how digital tools can and should be utilised to facilitate the involvement of citizens and to guarantee transparency.

We will provide a special analysis of the participative processes in the city of Barcelona as our best practice example. For this reason, we invited Xabier E. Barandiaran, from the digital tool Decidim Barcelona, who will share his experiences with the open democracy on a city level and how this tool was adopted by the city officials in Barcelona as a method of co-governing the city. In the light of the upcoming municipal elections in Poland next year, we would like to discuss Barcelona as a case study in which a large coalition of movements, organisations and Green parties can transform the city through progressive methods of governing.

Time, Venue & Registration

The event will take place in Warsaw on 4 November 2017. More details to be announced soon!