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8:00 am - 5:00 pm

ECOPOLIS is an annual event in Brussels. This years’ topic Digital Together refers to the radical way digital technology is changing relationships and how it affects people.

The main theme of Ecopolis 2017 is the impact of the digital era on relationships between people, between people and organisations as well as between people and politics. In spite of the insecurity of the modern world, the rapid speed of advancing technologies will not slow down or go away. On the contrary, our reliance on these technologies will only increase in our daily lives. Therefore, it will be crucial to empower people to work together, share ideas, and connect with politicians in new ways.

Ecopolis is a full day event, incorporating several key note speeches, high-level panel discussions and round table workshops, which will converge around the possibilities of digital technologies to unite people in different ways. A core question will ask how we can build political communities in the digital era and what policies can be developed at the EU level to facilitate this goal.

The aim of Ecopolis is to set up a fruitful dialogue between different sectors of society on socio-ecological challenges to provide a platform for exchange of innovative ideas and perspectives. The Green European Foundation will contribute to the European dimension of this event and translation in English/French/Dutch will guarantee broad accessibility to the event.


Registration: Get news via the Oikos website
Date: 7-8 October 2017
Place: Brussels
Venue: Kaaitheater
Time: To be specified