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8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thessaloniki, Greece

With workshops on photography and storytelling, this project attempts to enable around 10 young refugees and migrants to present their personality and lives according to them. The outcomes will be presented in a photo exhibition.

The photo training and exhibition of our partner Green Institute Greece is a part of the transnational project  “My Life According to Me: A New Narrative on Migration in Europe“, which will empower young migrants in different European countries to tell their own stories by organising educational workshops in the different countries.


This event will be hosted with the support of community organisation and media center MediaTerraNea. Under the guidance of trainers, the participants will learn about photography, using photoshop and photo editing, along with other relevant practical skills necessary to prepare a successful exhibition. Training will be facilitated by Athina Mourtiadou, the founder of Mediaterranea, Filippos Polyzoidis , a self-taught photographer and storyteller,  and Saleh Spyridon Darwish a volunteer providing translating services from Greek and English to and from Arabic.


Following this educational workshop, the photo exhibition will be organised between 1st and 8th July 2017 in a public space in the city center of Thessaloniki (to be confirmed). The aim is to provide space to  share stories of migrants directly with the the public through photography. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thessaloniki, Greece