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3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
plac Solidarności 1
Gdańsk , 80–863 Poland
+48 58 772 41 12

The Green Euuropean Foundation will organise a special networking session at the upcoming European Youth Conference.

This event is a part of the programme of the upcoming  European Youth Conference in Gdańsk hosted with Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung office in Warsaw.


To face today’s challenges, it is crucial that grassroots movements and activists connect with each other and collaborate to strengthen their impact. This session reflects the needs of youth leaders to expand their network and identify resources which the other organisations/ participants present at the event can offer them.


Throughout this interactive session, you will get to discover the other participants and their organisations/areas of interest. After a first general round to identify what each participant wants to get out of the event, we will split in groups based on our areas of interest to further explore how we can reinforce each other’s work. We will finish the session with a chance for participants to exchange contacts and/or plan an informal follow-up after the session to discuss further. We will use non-formal training activities, which means you will not only leave the session with new connections, but also with ideas on non-formal moderation tools which you can apply in your future trainings/events.

The workshop will be moderated by Ioana Banach (Programme Manager at the Green European Foundation) and Carlotta Weber (Project Coordinator at the Green European Foundation).

plac Solidarności 1
Gdańsk , 80–863 Poland