The Future of Europe

How should the future Europe look like and which role do the European Greens have in building it? Do the current multiple crises in the European Union leave room for a Green response, or is this climate even providing the perfect soil for Green ideas to flourish? Is there one European Green policy response, or do the stark variations in national circumstances inevitably result in different understandings of best policies? The “Future of Europe” seminar series tries to discover the answers to those questions by debating them with central stakeholders in six different European member states. The results of those seminars will be collected in the ‘Future of Europe Dossier’, which additionally will be a source for background materials on the political realities in the member states, and the central debates in the crisis context.

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Class of 2014: New Green Voices in the European Parliament

The European Union is at a crossroads. It will take enthusiasm, dedication and a clear vision to put it on the path of sustainability and prosperity. This collection of articles looks at the ambitions, expectations and plans of...

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Taking stock after the Elections: Green European Journal article series

In the wake of the 2014 European Elections, the Green European Journal began to collect reflections and analyses of the results and campaigns, drawing some conclusions at a national level but also aiming to give a broader...

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Summer School 2014: Joining forces for a Greener EU

The historic campus of Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, was the setting for this year's Summer University, organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Green Foundation Ireland. The theme this year...

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The return to the nation state is an illusion

How should the 100th anniversary of the First World War be marked? The Green European Foundation organised on May 11 in Amsterdam, in cooperation with Bureau de Helling and Oikos, a debate to reflect on this issue. Below you can...

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Five ways to Green the EU

What steps can we take to Green the EU? This was the topic of a discussion in London organised by GEF with the support of the UK-based Greenhouse foundation last February. The video below highlights some of the ideas raised.

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