A Climate for Change: The new edition of the Green European Journal is out!

The 9th edition of the Green European Journal has just been released and deals with a burning hot topic: Climate change and how we can ensure those in power take real action to tackle it at COP 21 in Paris next year. The next year will be critical for building a mass mobilisation across society, to voice this demand loud and clear.

Class of 2014: New Green Voices in the European Parliament

The European Union is at a crossroads. It will take enthusiasm, dedication and a clear vision to put it on the path of sustainability and prosperity. This collection of articles looks at the ambitions, expectations and plans of the newly elected Green Members of the European Parliament and highlights the various aspects of the Green transformation they will be working on during the next five years. The publication is produced by the Green European Foundation in cooperation with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament and the Heinrich Böll Foundation European Union.

Money for Change: The financial sector in the green economic transformation

In which fields is investment needed in order to drive forward a green economic remodeling and generate sustainable growth? How should the financial system be organised in order to release enough capital for ecological innovations and investments? The articles that make up this publication by the Green European Foundation and Heinrich Böll Foundation attempt to answer the above questions from various perspectives: from the financial sector, to the Green political environment.


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National Green foundations, the Green Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party are GEF's main stakeholders. National Green foundations are active in engaging citizens in political dialogue in their respective national contexts. Our European level stakeholders are partners in creating a European-wide Green debate. GEF aims to be a platform for exchange and co-operation at European level. Highlighting some of our partner foundations' news and events is a first step in enhancing this network and enabling exchange.

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