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Is ecological production possible? GEF event series

Nine Green foundations from different regions and member states of the European Union (Austria, Spain (Catalonia), Croatia, Finland, Belgium (Flanders), United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary and Ireland) are involved in exploring ecological production as part of the Green European Foundation project ECOPRO - Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society.

Stress Tests: The European Project Under Pressure

The 2015 annual print edition of the Green European Journal has been released. This year's edition features a collection of highlights previously published in the GEJ, alongside some new pieces. The articles shed light on some of the central dilemmas confronting Europe at the moment - from TTIP to migration, from solidarity to finance - which put considerable strain on the European project, and sometimes seem to threaten its very continuation.

Europe for Beginners: A Green Guide to the EU

With this fully updated and revised edition of what was previously called the Manual for Europe, GEF continues with its mission to bring Europe closer to citizens in order to foster greater involvement and awareness of the European Union and its politics. Download or order your copy now!


Monitoring Environmental Problems in the Balkans: Event Report

"Establishing a Transboundary Watchdog Mechanism for Environmental Problems for Green Political Parties and NGOs on the Balkans" was one of the 2015 projects organised by GEF. A seminar was hosted to discuss the results from an investigative journalism research project...


Green Cities Conference Helsinki

Organised by GEF, alongside Heinrich Böll, the European Greens and Vihreät De Gröna, comes this fascinating conference evaluating the concept of Green cities, to take place on the 25th - 26th September in Helsinki.

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Green Network

National Green foundations, the Green Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party are GEF's main stakeholders. National Green foundations are active in engaging citizens in political dialogue in their respective national contexts.

Our European level stakeholders are partners in creating a European-wide Green debate. GEF aims to be a platform for exchange and co-operation at European level. Highlighting some of our partner foundations' news and events is a first step in enhancing this network and enabling exchange.