Call for participants: “Migration and asylum policy in Europe” Seminar

What type of migration and asylum policies should be put in place to avoid loss of human lives, to provide a human rights-based approach to migration and to foster solidarity between EU member states in their answers to migration and asylum? These questions will, among others, be discussed from a Green perspective in this transnational seminar (17 - 18 October, Sofia), organised by the Green European Foundation with support of the Bulgarian Association for the Promotion of Citizens’ Initiatives, the Greek Green Institute and the Maltese Ceratonia Foundation. Apply before 1st of September if you’d like to take part.

Seminar - “Greening Europe: Toolkit for the European Green activist”

This three day seminar – already a traditional offer by GEF, this year being its 5th edition - gives an overview of the different European institutions - their functions, their competences and their roles in the EU-level decision making processes. The seminar addresses those interested in Green politics and in the European Union, who would like to know more about the EU institutions and their political work.

EU Trade Policy: analysing the impact of TTIP

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the planned free trade agreement between the EU and the USA, is currently one of the most controversial issues on the EU agenda. The main aim is to strengthen the economic relations between the EU and the US, with the proclaimed objective to spur trade and thereby stimulate the economy to provide growth and jobs. But the Greens and big parts of the civil society are worried about who will really be the beneficiaries of this agreement. This paper is the report of a seminar to shed light on some of the questions involved.

Green European Journal

The first in a series of events to launch the annual print edition of the Green European Journal...[more]

How can European industry steer the Green transformation? What are the Green visions on sustainable...[more]

Summer University

“THE CITY WE WANT: Transparency, participation and sustainability” is the title chosen for this...[more]

The Green European Foundation welcomes Aurélie Maréchal as the new director of its Brussels office....[more]

Event Report

How can the perceived democratic deficit of the European Union and its institutional set-up be...[more]

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the summer school of the Green Foundation Ireland, at the...[more]

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National Green foundations, the Green Group in the European Parliament and the European Green Party are GEF's main stakeholders. National Green foundations are active in engaging citizens in political dialogue in their respective national contexts. Our European level stakeholders are partners in creating a European-wide Green debate. GEF aims to be a platform for exchange and co-operation at European level. Highlighting some of our partner foundations' news and events is a first step in enhancing this network and enabling exchange.

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