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This project is a contribution to the debate on basic income and aims to further explore social and fair solutions to increasing inequality within the European societies.

Dramatic changes in the way we work have led to the feeling that our social security structures are no longer meeting the needs of the people. Whereas our systems are still based on the assumption of full employment and long term contracts, digitalisation is changing working conditions for many people. They live in fear that they are unable to survive off their low salary and that they will not receive a pension in the future which allows them to live in dignity. Consequently, these people feel left alone with their anxiety, which often makes them susceptible to populist movements. In the context of people’s increasing fear of being impoverished, our six project partners intend to organise a series of events to address these concerns and formulate solutions.

This new project by Fundació Nous Horitzons (Catalonia, Spain), Fundación EQUO (Spain), Visio (Finland), Green Institute (Greece), Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Germany) and FYEG intends to make a contribution to tackle these fears and to look for concrete answers for a social remodeling of our societies. In this context, the debate on basic income is a progressive way to develop our democratic systems and can contribute to the debates in the forefront of the European elections in 2019.

Project goals

This project works towards finding a common language and philosophy, among other things by summarising the ongoing European debate on the topic of basic income and highlighting the differences and common points. Furthermore, the project will bring together experts and let them compare practice and theory during a study trip to evaluate two concrete examples of basic income and include the practical points in the theoretical collection.