This transnational project explores the ways forward for the development of sustainable energy policies across Europe. Therefore, it aspires to contribute to the close monitoring and constant follow-up of information which is much needed in the aftermath of COP21 and on the road to COP22 in Morocco. The aim here is to promote a fair, transparent and sustainable energy transition in European states, while taking into account the important challenges Europe is facing after COP21. 

In order to promote the gathering of ideas and information around the European energy transition project, we created a multimedia platform "The future of Energy is Yours!", which will stimulate the public debate in the political, national and European context necessary to translate it into action. Its main objective is to enhance the analysis, examples and solutions already put in action within the process of energy transition. Nevertheless, this platform also serves as a place to address the obstacles and difficulties that might slow our way to the future energy model: post-COP21 Europe.

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