Europeanising Green Activist Training

Europeanising Green Activist Training has as its main objective the Europeanisation of the existing Green activist trainings offered by participating organisations from 4 different countries – namely Finland, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. 

The aim of this project is to develop the national Green Activist trainings in order to make them more European in their content but also more co-operative by liaising with other similar trainings in other European countries. The participants of such a Europeanised Green Activist training will have an opportunity to gain knowledge of European politics and to hone some very practical skills, such as negotiation and networking

In order to develop such a programme, partners will share their existing curriculum to put together the content for a training session on EU topics, which will be applied in all participating countries. Participating partners will also develop a Handbook for organising European Green Activist Trainings with the aim of multiplying the experience of this project to other GEF partners.