In pursuit of its mission to encourage European citizens to participate in European political discussions and to ultimately forge a stronger, more participative European democracy, GEF organises projects in three main areas: 

1) Study and debate: GEF carries out and invests in research on a variety of European topics, with the results disseminated either through its own publications or the translation and publication of existing studies or surveys. 

2) Education and training: GEF promotes Green capacity-building across Europe. Training and political education ‒ provided through transnational workshops, panel debates, conferences and summer universities ‒ help to raise awareness among citizens of Green solutions to the challenges Europe faces and to enhance the ability of Green actors to work on issues with a European dimension.

3) Networking Green Europe: GEF acts as a framework for cooperation between Green actors at the European level. This is a key element of its work and helps to ensure the sustainability of its activities, as the contributions of diverse European partners are vital to create and encourage European debate.

Multimedia platform BeyondCOP21 explores the ways forward for the development of sustainable energy policies across Europe in the aftermath of COP21.

Sharing accross borders: ECOPRO is a project involving 8 countries and regions to debate about sustainable work in a post-growth society. 

Europeanising Green Activist Training: a project involving partners from Finland, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Hungary working on the Europeanisation of the existing national Green activist trainings.

A publication and series of events featuring conversations with Green European politicians and activists on the issues around religion and how it intersects with public and political life. 

Regional capacity building workshops in the practice of watchdog journalism and Green policy solutions for the young journalists and professionals in the Balkans. 

A project bringing together partners from Belgium, Poland, Croatia, France and Spain to discuss the transformative power of the commons.

A  project dedicated to the ongoing crises across Europe related to the Refugees and Migrant Policies with a special focus on the situation occurring on the local level.

A good example of GEF's work on education and training are Summer Universities - check out an overview of our offer in 2016.