Reclaim the Commons represents a continued transnational project that revives the debate around the commons as a fundamental part of the Green political ideology. Through this project, six national partners from Belgium, Poland, Croatia, France and Spain (Catalonia) explore the transformative power of the commons for strengthening the green project, whilst engaging with the Greens and a wider audience around this topic. 

Last year, this project set out to achieve its aims by bringing out both theoretical and practical approaches to commons across Europe. The theoretical point of view enabled the establishment of a common language used to talk about different institutional, economic and political models shaped by the emergence of the commons projects and management systems across Europe. Furthermore, Reclaim the Commons took a practical look at the struggles around the commons and provided an analysis of the cases where commons have been a driving force for mobilisation, those cases where the commons are to be protected, and more importantly – the transformative potential of these struggles for relationships in society.

In 2016, Reclaim the Commons aspires to build upon the results of the previous year and it will highlight two themes that will be the focal point of the analysis: 

> the relation between the commons and policy;

> the impact of commons as a governance model on the public services. 

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