Summer Universities

Green European Foundation is organising a number of Summer Universities in 2016 on a variety of topics. These educational projects are implemented throughout Europe, in collaboration with many national partners. The information about this year's offer is available on this page. 

Dublin Summer School 2016

Green Foundation Ireland | Dublin, Ireland | May 27-28 | Contact | Website 

The topic of this year's summer school in Dublin was "European Migration: Causes and Effects". Therefore, the focus was on how civil society can manage migration and the attitudes towards it in a positive and constructive way, with a broader remit of linking migration to poverty, climate change and general Green issues. Furthermore, this even specifically addressed the situation in Ireland and its role as a member of the European Union in finding solutions to this humanitarian crisis.

Summer Lab

Grüne Bildungswerkstatt | Kapfenberg, Austria | 8-10 July | Contact | Website

This summer school will deal with questions around the crisis of European democracy and provide an analysis of the future role of the Greens and possibilities of change for the parliamentary democracy in Austria and Europe. During this occasion, the Green European Foundation will host a workshop with a special focus on "Progressive Populism!" in which participants will create "change papers" as a basis for further debate.

Green Summer Academy "Green Poland - Green River"

Fundacja Strefa Zieleni | Ciechocinek, Poland | 14-17 July | Contact | Website

This year’s summer school will consist of four pillars: sustainable development, alternative economy, international policy in the context of European issues, and human rights. Its aim is to achieve balance between the national and European perspective, by focusing on the national level while taking into account the European context. The current and aspiring Green politicians, opinion leaders, members of NGOs and scientists in the relevant fields represent the potential participants for this summer school. During a workshop organised by GEF, a special focus will be put on the illiberal tendencies within the EU member states.

Escola Estiu 2016

Foundació Nous Horitzons | Barcelona, Catalonia | 15-16 July | Contact Website

This year’s summer school of the Catalonian foundation Nous Horitzons will evolve around questions on the future of the European Union, and Catalonia in particular, on a political but also economic level. A panel debate, organised by the Green European Foundation, with speakers such as Ernest Urtasun (MEP Greens/EFA, Iniciativa per Catalunya Verds & Economist), will deal with the topic of fiscal paradises, tax evasion and whistle-blower protection in the aftermath of the release of the Panama papers. Moreover, different parallel workshops will be organised on the second day of the workshop on topics such as the consequences of the Brexit or perspectives of the welfare state.


Institute for Political Ecology | Vis Island, Croatia | 20-26 August | Contact | Website

Since its beginnings in 2010, the Green Academy 2020 functions as a platform for dialogue and capacity building among activists, scholars, practitioners and researchers from South Eastern Europe with an interest in Green, left or progressive concepts. The summer academy "TIPPING POINTS" will gather the participants around three working modules about - climate justice, postgrowth/degrowth and the Commons. The main aim will be to identify the driving forces of systemic change that can be triggered by bold social and political actions. During this year’s edition, the Green European Foundation will, with the support of Institute for Political Ecology, organise a workshop in order to foster the European debate on new economic alternatives and new urban politics on a European level. Working languages of the academy will be Croatian and English.


Green Summer Gathering, Edition 2016

Etopia | Domaine De Massembre, Belgium | 25-28 August | Contact | Website

In the framework of this green summer meeting, GEF will organise two debates on the present and future of the European Union together with one of our Belgian national partners - Etopia. The first debate will focus on “Why” questions, such as Why the EU? Is the EU dream over? Why should we keep working hard on it? Does it represent the best way to insure progress in Europe?, whereas the second debate will provide insights into "How” the EU should deal with this year's challenges, such as the situation in Greece, issues with refugee policies and Brexit. This event aims to provide a platform for a European debate that contributes to strengthening of the ties between civil society and Green politicians.

Spanish Green Summer University "Univerde VIII"

Fundación EQUO | Torrelavega (Cantabria), Spain | 9-10 September | Contact | Website

The 8th edition of “Univerde” will focus on the topic of fostering Green economies through transitions to circular economy. More specifically, this event will provide insights in the development of new economical approaches related to resource use, energy consumption, and the concept of “Circular Economy”. The course is targeted at activists, professionals in the fields of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP), members of NGOs involved in environmental advocacy, and PhD students with a background in technical or policy related studies in Green Industry all over Spain. 

Recommended Summer Universities

FYEG Summer Camp: "From Social Wrongs To Social Rights"

Federation of Young European Greens | Serbia |18-25 July | Contact | Website

FYEG will gather a diverse group of 60 participants this summer in Serbia, to discuss many relevant topics, such as social rights, youth employment, housing, education, accessible healthcare, human rights in general, Green politics and anti-discrimination policies. 

Grüne Sommerakademie

Grüne Bildungswerkstatt | Stadtschlaining, Austria | 26-28 July | Contact | Website

This year’s Grüne Sommerakademie, organised by Grüne Bildungswerkstatt, asks the question if and how a peaceful transformation of society and environment is possible in the face of conflicts in the European neighbourhood and terrorist attacks in the centre of Europe. The aim of the summer school is to develop strategies and formulate goals of a Green peace policy. Under the headline (Un)Frieden. Von der Sicherheits- zur Friedenspolitik, several workshops, panel discussion and art projects are taking place in the inspiring atmosphere of the Peace Castle Schlaining, which houses the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Summer Days Lorient

Fondation de l'Écologie Politique | Lorient, France | 25-27 August | Contact | Website

In the framework of this summer event, the Green European Journal will contribute with a special debate entitled "Europe, borders and refugees", on Thursday, the 25th of August from 14h00 to 15h30. This debate will focus on the return of the borders on the European continent and how the situation with refugees has shaken the European society and its core values, ​​such as freedom and solidarity. This event will be hosted with the help of Fondation de l'Écologie Politique and Heinrich Böll Stiftung. It will feature Marie Toussaint (BE delegate for Europe), Jens Althoff (Heinrich Böll Stiftung); François Gemenne (University of Liège); Dorothée Schmid (IFRI) and Lawrence Standaert (Green European Journal).