Special ebook edition of 'Green News' focuses on climate change

In the wake of COP 21, a special multilingual edition of Green News (Zieloni Wiadomosci) published by GEF, the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament, and Polish foundation Strefa Zieleni takes a look at climate issue from a range of national and thematic perspectives.

With articles in English, French and Polish, this ebook contains a broad range of articles each looking at the issue of climate change from a unique perspective. It includes, among others, an examination of climate change as a moral challenge, an economic deconstruction of climate change as a 'neoliberal illusion', and a social perspective on climate change as a threat to the public goods that belong to all citizens.

A wide array of authors have contributed to the publication, including NGO representatives, political figures, scientists and even an award-winning documentary-maker. The ebook also contains case studies on how climate change is impacting specific areas such as the Arctic, the Amazon and Indonesia, as well as how the fight against climate change is manifested in areas such as resistance to TTIP, and how to spur further action and maintain the momentum of the campaign now that COP 21 is behind us. 

You can read the ebook here or download the publication below!



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