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Trautenberg-Straße 1 2651 Austria

Join us for an adventerous and informative summit in the mountains to discover the vital issues mountain areas are facing with climate change.

Event Background

The Alps and the Carpathians mountain ranges that cover half of Europe are a critical part of climate protection, as they serve as an early warning system for the negative effects of climate change on Europe. The issues that climate change brings to these areas demonstrate what the rest of Europe must prepare for.

About the Event

The focus of this four-day summit will be on the challenges facing forests. Forests are vital for the Alpine living space and the people living there, but areas of true wilderness are rare due to deforestation and prevailing single-crop farming systems. It is time to change how the Alps are treated.

The summit will feature a range of keynote speeches, workshops and excursions, conducted by experts who will offer attendees opportunities to learn more about climate change and how it specifically affects the alpine environment.


Thursday – Introduction

Attendees will be introduced to the key topics of the summit.

Friday – International Day

Attendees will hear from experts from across Europe, giving insights into alpine wildlife, forestry, agriculture, tourism, and cultural identity.

Set to take place on the longest day of the year, dinner will be held in an uphill mountain cabin.

Saturday – Excursion Day

Participants will have the opportunity to partake in a variety of mountain activities, including mountain climbing, yodelling, and excursions to organic mountain farms and the water resevoir of the famous Viennese spring water pipeline system.

Sunday – Culinary & Future Day

There will be a brunch coinciding with an expert discussion on the organic food production in the alpine and Carpathian region.

The summit will then conclude with a discussion between young politicians and climate activists on positive perspectives for the future.


Details on how to register coming soon. Please check back later for more information. 

Trautenberg-Straße 1 2651 Austria

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