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Douglas St, Centre
Cork, Ireland

A one-day event on fair & healthy food in Cork, Ireland, packed with talks, discussion, field visits & feasting!

Event Background

As part of the transnational project Fair and Healthy Food, GEF aims to reach different actors and bring them together to explore alternative solutions and reforms to the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and how to redesign food systems around agroecological principles.

Alongside exploring examples of cities developing their own outstanding food policies, the project will also examine how regional sustainable food systems can revitalise rural communities.

About the Event

Rising public concern around climate change and biodiversity loss has led to increasing attention on our food system as both a cause but also a potential contributing solution to environmental breakdown. While efforts are underway to reform European food and agricultural policies in order to better protect nature and rural livelihoods, growing numbers of people are becoming actively involved in reshaping food systems at local level.

Such efforts are demonstrating a creative resurgence of ideas and practices of how we can recover the multidimensional values of food as a public good rather than allow it to remain as a means for private corporate profit, and to help reduce our own personal environmental footprint and retrieve some control over our food supply.

The event proposes that food is not only a vital source of personal well-being but offers a route toward greater citizen engagement. Growing food in cities offers numerous benefits for the urban environment and community resilience and can improve availability of fresh, nourishing produce especially for those for whom access is restricted by income. Above all, it enables us to re-establish the central purpose of a food system: to produce food sustainably to feed people adequately.

This day-long event is an opportunity to pool ideas, share experiences and celebrate the power of community in growing, cooking and eating food.

You are encouraged to book early for this event as we will restrict numbers in order to facilitate an engaged, constructive and convivial experience.


 09.30 – 13.30: based in the fabulously re-furbished heritage centre of Nano Nagle Place we will hold a series of talks and discussion around ways we can address and redesign the current food system (featuring European and  local speakers).

14:00 – 16:00: we will join the ‘street feast’ that is being hosted by La Cocina Publica (details below), a Chilean theatre group that will be based in the Cork South Parish neighbourhood during this week (Registration will include lunch here).

16:00 – 18:00: we will embark on a guided tour of the growing spaces and greening activities across the South Parish Including St Stephens sustainable food lab.


  • Dr Colin Sage Cork – Food policy Council
  • Kitty Scully
  • Henk Renting
  • JL Vivero Pol (tbc)

La Cocina Pública / The Public Kitchen
Housed in a shipping container La Cocina Pública is a mobile kitchen that brings people together through theatre, food and dining.
Travelling from Chile through cities and neighbourhoods in Europe in search of local recipes, aromas, practices and customs, La Cocina Publica will work with Cork’s South Parish residents to share stories and food that will be enjoyed at delicious collective dining events – with Chilean and Cork artists, storytellers, singers and musicians providing you with memories and entertainment. Your ticket includes a meal, but to encourage a family-friendly atmosphere for all ages, no alcohol will be served at these events.

Registrations details coming soon. Please check back later for more information. 

Douglas St, Centre
Cork, Ireland

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