As European political foundation, GEF , as its core, a mission of the Europeanisation of the public debate by developing news ideas and bringing Europe closer to its citizens. GEF has therefore developed several tools aiming at building the knowledge of interested citizens or activists in the EU and their capacity to act on it. With publications, handbooks, and both online and offline trainings, we offer a broad range of possibilities to foster greater involvement and awareness of the European Union and its politics.

As the rest of the Green family, GEF shares the view that a true European response is fundamental in tackling the most pressing issues of our time: climate change; an efficient use and sustainable production of energy; a reorientation of our economy to guarantee social inclusion and sustainability; peace; development; and the consolidation of democracy and fundamental rights. The EU is, however, not exempt of flaws; that’s why we take a critical stance when intervening in the current discussions on EU policies and on the general political development in our countries.

Through our network of partners across Europe, we try and use as many occasions as possible to debate the EU, its challenges and its future outside of the so-called Brussels-bubble. The European Union is a common project, which we need to co-construct in a transnational manner.

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