Solidarity and inclusion feature strongly at the heart of Green ideals. In the European context, many challenges lie ahead of us in these fields as a result of the economic crisis of the last decade, but also as a consequence of the political choices made and the policies implemented. In addition, changing demographic, social and cultural factors, as well as sustained declining levels of economic growth in our countries, push us to reinvent new systems of solidarity and new conceptions of work.

The Green European Foundation therefore dedicates its efforts to the exploration of new theoretical ideas such as basic income, work sharing and working time reduction, and the development of better social policies as well as the potential of green and climate jobs in Europe. GEF also explores the various notions of work beyond paid work, as well as care and gender divisions within the labour perspective.

The foundation strives to uncover the potential of new, alternative concepts to provide answers to the uncertainties created by automation and digitalisation, as well as by the ageing population and the multiplication of precarious work contracts and degraded working conditions. The aim of these concepts is to ultimately deliver more freedom and security to everyone whilst reducing inequalities in our societies and addressing climate change. At the same time, GEF takes into consideration the complex interactions between the national, European and international levels.

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