Federation of Young European Greens

The 2019 European election results were positively surprising, for a multitude of reasons. For one, the tendency of declining voter turnout at the European elections, a trend that we have observed since 1999, was reversed, as 50.62% of the EU electorate cast their ballots over the course of four days of elections.

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European Digital Rights (EDRi)

In some EU countries, such as Germany, the EU election results have been very encouraging. However, this does not mean that the new European Parliament is guaranteed to lay emphasise on protecting the fundamental rights.

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Corporate Europe Observatory

The election results were a real mixed bag. It is great to see a bigger Green group in the European Parliament, with the return of many allies and some new members, notwithstanding the loss of some important Greens from the previous Parliament who had challenged excessive corporate influence. The poor results of the GUE/NGL group also represent a real loss for the new Parliament.

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