Institut za druzbeno ekologijo (The Eco-Collective)

The Eco-Collective is an informally connected group of students, researchers, professors, non-governmental organisations, and activists dealing with environmental issues. The institute strives for activities that include knowledge production, education, collaboration, research, editions, and conferences.

The Institute of Ecology is an organisation that covers the sociological aspects of environmental problems in Slovenia. Their activity started in the 1990s through research tasks in collaboration with institutes, NGOs and non-profits. Their work mainly focuses on implementing ICT in the political space and the development of e-democracy.

Regarding environmental awareness, the most popular projects were “Earth, a view from the sky” (2005) and Living (2008), a global exhibition to promote sustainable development. They also work in capacity building, carrying several small-scale educational projects, mainly in environmental protection and democracy. In the last few years, they’ve built a rich e-library in the field of political ecology. The institute brings together professors, young researchers, and students with an interest in political ecology.