Launched at the beginning 2016, this transnational project aims to contribute to the close monitoring and constant follow-up of information which is much needed in the aftermath of COP21 and on the road to COP22 in Morocco. “Beyond COP21” aims to promote a fair, transparent and sustainable energy transition for European states, under the Paris Agreement framework, and within the EU Energy Union Framework Strategy.

The centrepiece of the project is the multimedia platform, which uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, images, animation, video and interactive contents in order to present information gathered in partnership with project partners, in order to shape a common “culture” and a common “language” on the paradigm shift on the road to COP22.

This platform aspires to stimulate the public debate on national and European levels, necessary to translate the ideas for a fair, transparent and sustainable energy transition into action. It brings forward the analysis of the existing alternatives and choices our societies have to make and their implications. Its contents are available in French and English. Furthermore, a series of events is organised as a space for gathering new content and exchanging ideas.

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Juxtaposing old and new technology!

Steve Francis, board member of the Ferréole Cooperative Belgium, on how his local community founded a citizen’s cooperative to complement the local water wheel with a hydro turbine to generate and distribute electricity for the local communes. Next to boosting rural development the Ferréole cooperative also promotes democratic structures, as every project is subject to a voting procedure.

Rescoop EU

Dirk Vansintjan, Secretary General of Ecopower in Belgium, tells the story of his local energy cooperative founded in 1991, which first renovated a local water turbine and then fought for the feed-in tariff to be introduced in Belgium. Today Ecopower has 50.000 members and is therefore in membership the biggest energy cooperative in Europe.

Renewables are gaining ground!

Alexandra Sombsthay, expert in renewable energy, explains that despite a progressive step forward in EU legislation on renewable energy in the early 2000s the recurring trend of intergovernmentalism of EU member states stalls not only the necessary reforms of the European electricity market but also thwarts energy cooperatives which have been powerful change makers and lobbyist in favor of renewable energies.

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