About the project

In 2022, Europe proved its ability to rapidly shift its energy sources amid acute geopolitical need. While the cost-of-living crisis and growing energy poverty are leaving their mark, not all countries have the means to support their population. This project links the climate emergency with our cost-of-living and energy crisis to explore what we really mean by energy security. Access to sufficient energy is a critical part of delivering wellbeing for all, including energy supply security and its universal access across Europe. Whether prompted by geopolitical or ecological concerns, we must avoid energy austerity that widens the gap between extreme consumption and fuel poverty.

Strong lobby forces are already trying to exploit current constraints on energy supply to expand fossil fuel and nuclear power in Europe. This project will try to challenge those prevailing narratives, exploring solutions like energy sufficiency policies, universal services, and accelerated deployment of local renewables. How can we rethink energy demand and ensure fairness in its distribution? And how do we offer green and social alternatives to the narratives pushes by nuclear and fossil fuel interests across Europe? These are some of the questions that will be tackled as part of this project.

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