This project aims to identify and create conditions for collective action against the detrimental social and environmental impacts of tourism. These impacts of tourism-induced economic activities are often underestimated, and while social impacts are increasingly being considered in some of the tourist hubs of the project partners’ countries (Barcelona, Dubrovnik, Salzburg, Ohrid … ) environmental impacts in particular are often not addressed.  

As this project unfolded in 2020, COVID-19 wrestled hold of Europe and devastated tourism industries across the continent. With the streets and beaches empty, people and governments were forced to look at the economic sustainability and the environmental impact of the sector; our project has been holding up a magnifying glass, allowing them to look more closely.

Going forward we’ll continue to build European transnational discussions and a policy platform that strives to build community interest in transforming tourism. The aim is to steer this sector towards zero carbon intensity, while keeping a specific focus on the social dimension as tourism continues to generate inequalities

Throughout 2020, this project entailed events, desk research, several local site visits as well as expert meetings and public debates to increase visibility and build a community around this topic. In 2021, we followed up with larger study trips and further research to expand this knowledge and connect further with stakeholders. This will result in a “Green Perspectives on Tourism” paper to be published in early 2022 with launch events across Europe. We will also delve into specific sectoral and geographical challenges and opportunities posed by tourism in our partner countries, connecting with affected audiences and policymakers locally as well as on the European level.


The Economic Model in Tourism Monoculture

In this publication (EN/CAT) we analyse the sun and beach tourism model, and draw conclusions that may help  us find alternatives.

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Article by ROSA M. TRISTÁN,

Translation by Matilde Buergo

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A Green New Deal for Leeds City Region/ Un Green New Deal para la Región de Leeds

By The Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA). Original report can be found here.

Translation by Nous Horitzons Fundació

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