Food is an integral part of our daily lives. The European Union has a direct influence on the food that reaches your plate: where it comes from, how much it costs, and how fair and healthy it is. This project will explore the ways in which different actors can have a Green and healthy impact on EU food policies.

Project Background

The current dominant food production and farming systems are ones of industrial agriculture: input-intensive crop monocultures and industrial-scale feedlots that are heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

These systems cause environmental degradations, economic hardship for smallholders, negative impacts to health, and food insecurity for many.

The good news however, is that across Europe, different actors are showing it is possible to redesign food systems around agroecological principles: cities building local food systems, farmers working collaboratively with researchers, and consumers reconnecting with local producers.

Project Objectives and Activities

The GEF transnational project Fair and Healthy Food aims to reach these different actors, bringing them together to find alternative solutions and support positive changes to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.

Alongside amazing examples of cities developing great food policies, the project will also examine how regional sustainable food systems can revitalise rural communities.

As food is a highly valued cultural product, the challenge of the project is to also go beyond classical formats of events and create possibilities for connections between progressive farmers and innovative food creatives.

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