About the project

The Green-Red Dialogues were first created in 2020 to tackle the unforeseen issues and challenges that Europe was facing at the time with a social and green lens. In 2023, with a very different European landscape, the dialogues will revolve around three pressing issues:

  • The state of Democracy. Democratic values are being questioned in certain parts of Europe, and the potential dangers of a crippling democracy should be the subject of debate. In this line, we’ll try to answer the following questions: To what extent does the media shape public awareness? How does the far-right rhetoric affect the quality of democracy? How has this concept developed throughout history? 
  • Local policies for a fair, just transition. Together, we will explore the extent to which local policies can shape the Just Transition. What can cities, towns and municipalities do to ensure a fairer ecological transition? Which measures can citizens and neighbours put in place to ensure the success of the energy transition?
  • Green taxation. The third and final debate will address this controversial subject. Which taxes are required to make polluters pay and reduce greenhouse emissions? How can policymakers ensure that the most vulnerable groups are not the ones bearing the burden of the taxation? 

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