In recent years, events such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine have fostered an Europeanisation of the public debate in the union. However, these debates often focus on the “common” consequences and impact of EU policy and political decisions, rather than fostering a trans-European discussion that seeks to build an understanding of different political realities of Europe and the EU. In a post-pandemic and geopolitically fast changing world, the Green movement certainly needs to react to unanticipated developments and put forward new ideas, proposals, and policies; but it must do so by advancing the democratic debate.


About the series

This initiative aims to provide the Green movement with spaces that allow ideas and proposals to be debated and further detailed. The series invites greater exchange between different strands of the Green movement in Europe, both enriching the learning of each other’s ideas, trajectories and political realities, and building bridges between national level debates and regional parts of the Green movement. The series will also provide a chance to broaden target audiences, build new relationships and making way for new or existing but untapped ideas and concepts.

Correspondingly, these debates seek to build mutual understanding and cohesion and facilitate exchange within the Green European movement on the topic of peace and security. Targeting green-minded citizens, actors, and organisations, the debate series will aim to provide a forum for exchange between diverse branches of the green ecosystem, whilst enhancing the dialogue with civil society, academia, journalists and like-minded organisation and actors.



In line with GEF’s thematic priority areas and political framing, peace and security will serve as the umbrella focus for this 2022-2023 Debate Series. This topic will have a transversal element being a feminist perspective in peace and security and different subtopics in relation to national contexts and local realities, such as EU defence, EU enlargement and neighbourhood policy, pacifism, refugees’ integration, energy security, food security, and cyber security.



Organised with the support of Sustainable Development Forum Green Window.

Part I: EU member Policies and  responses to the crisis in Ukraine

When: 17 November 2022


Read more here.


Part II: EU Candidate Countries

When: 21 December 2022


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Part III: Cybersecurity

When: 6 February 2023


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Security and Peace Forum Conference

When: 25 February 2023


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Organised with the support of Institute for Active Citizenship.

Part I: The Green movement’s vision for peace & security

When: 12 December 2022


Read more here.



This debate series has been organised with the support of the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation. The Euroapean Parliament is not responsible for the content of this event.

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