Privatisation of education and welfare services is a project that took place in 2014 and 2015 in relation to the study “A third sector in welfare: Green responses to privatisation of welfare services across Europe”.

In 2014, the project partners looked at five different welfare systems (Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Spain and England), and included an overview of the policies of a sample of European Green parties concerning privatisation of public education and welfare services, such as school and healthcare.

The research was enriched by exchange between the partners and public events to test their ideas. It culminated in the publication of a study which defined common Green principles in welfare policies, showcasing privatisation models that have proved to be successful and in line with Green values, and formulating recommendations for Green parties across Europe.

In 2015, the follow-up project had the objective of deepening the discussion and answering many questions that had been raised in the study, such as: how do we finance welfare in the future? How do we strengthen the third sector in many countries? Is the profit motive compatible with the public interest? How can we regulate the private market? How can we provide opportunities for greater innovation and diversity in public welfare? Several closed and public discussions were organised around these questions.

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