Welcome to the four-part podcast we have prepared as part of the Just Transition project. In this story, we travel in a circle of infinite beginnings. We learn about a continuous regenerative system of agriculture that we forgot about after World War II, but one that we can return to, and we should if we are to break free from the destructive effects of industrial farming. Join us in this hopeful story about why agriculture matters and how we can move forward to a sustainable agriculture system.



This first episode features environmental expert and consultant Anne Chapman as she explains the ins and outs of industrialised farming and how and why this extractive and polluting system is so ecologically, economically and socially harmful.

In episode two, the conversation continues towards the unsustainable practices of large scale industrial farming, the global marketplace and the economic pressures faced by farmers. Examples include: Regenerative farming and Farming for Nature

On episode 3 we meet George Hosier, a farmer who has made a successful transition to regenerative farming practices. Listen to learn how he did it!

To end this series, we invite Bill and Cath Grayson to our podcast. They are the owners and operators of Morecambe Bay Conservation Grazing Company. In this story the cows are the heroes and we learn what it means to be caring stewards of the land.

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