Climate campaigners are coalescing around an agenda of no expansion of airports and the need for a long-term reduction of aviation. However, not all of these campaigns have incorporated worker perspectives to better understand the impact on jobs and changes to local and national economies.

We don’t just want to get the industry back to where it was in 2018, but decarbonised. Because that wasn’t a good industry for workers. Transport had become too cheap, it was market driven. There is a need to embark on a huge transformation of the industry.


This short guide explores how campaigns can connect better with aviation workers and the trade unions that represent them – to build mutual support, win those campaigns and advance a rapid and just transition for workers in the sector.

About the project

This publication is part of the project “Just Transition in the Aviation Sector” that explores how the concept of a just transition could look like when applied to the aviation sector in the UK. It focuses on the loss of jobs in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the potential of the green job creation. In this context, a case study of the Gatwick airport was conducted.  

Just Transition in the Aviation Sector explored the topic of the Aviation sector adaptation through several formats, including the development of infographics, events with an inclusive European dimension. As a part of the project, GEF implemented an online event called Green jobs and airport expansion campaigns, gathering experts and politicians to debate the topic in a panel format.  

The initial research and debates within the project scope culminated in this report.  


Available in Spanish

This publication has been realized with the support of Green House Think Tank and the financial support of the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not responsible for the content of this publication. 

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    2021, January 15
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    Policy papers & briefings

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