✺ Conversation Circle on Ecofeminist Experience & Ethics of Care

November 8, 2021 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Speaker: GEF with support of Oikos

Event type: In-person 


As individual selves, we are part of a web of relationships with both human and non-human others. Within ethics of care we maintain nourishing and caring relationships.    In this workshop, we discuss what this entails for us and we put ethics of care into practice by creating a safe space for us to connect, tell our stories and listen to each other. There is space for self-expression and deep listening. 

 We will be guided by the following questions:  

  •  What is care to you?  
  • In what ways are you connected to ‘place’? 
  • What stories connect you to local and global ecologies? 
  • In what ways do you feel part of the web of life, this complex web of interactions and interdependencies? 
  • Are there connections between the right to bodily sovereignty and the Earth’s rights? 
  • In what ways do you see social relations of power reflected in the relations humans have with the Earth?  

The session will be completed by a moment of bodycare (through breath work and movement). Care for our physical bodies supports the connection to ourselves and helps to solidify the connections between self and the self, self and the fellow participant and ultimately towards self and the world we live in.  

All are welcome. 

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About Oikos:

Oikos is part of the GEF Feminists in the Climate Movement project and recently published the booklet ‘Voor wie willen we zorgen?: Ecofeminisme als inspiratiebron’ (Who do we want to care for? Ecofeminism as an Inspiration) which will soon be translated to English. This essay, by Dirk Holemans, Philsan Osman and Marie-Monique Franssen, aims to show ecofeminism and ethics of care as a potential framework for societal change.

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