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The Green European Foundation is looking for a contractor to carry out an accessibility audit of our communications channels.

About GEF

The Green European Foundation (GEF) is a European-level political foundation funded by the European Parliament. GEF is affiliated to but independent from the European Green Party and Green movement in Europe. Our mission is to encourage European citizens to participate in European political discussions and in particular, when it comes to envisioning what a Green Europe would look like. As a forum for cooperation at the European level, we work closely with our national member foundations and thereby aim to strengthen the Green political movement and green ideas in Europe.  

Many of our projects and campaigns are therefore lead in cooperation with other green organisations, often in several languages. Currently our existing communications channels online are our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube), different newsletters for different audiences, and our websites (the main GEF website, the green academy website, and the greenr website). We also use print materials such as booklets, publications, flyers, brochures, posters and roll-ups.

The current GEF styleguide (developed in 2017) may be found here (palette and fonts) and here (photos and visuals). 


About this call for tenders

To support GEF’s recent growth, the communications team is aiming to further professionalise its communications work and make it more inclusive, as part of our new communications strategy. In preparation of the upcoming development of a new brand identity (which will be the responsibility of another service provider), we are seeking providers to perform an accessibility audit, by conducting an analysis of our communications channels and elements of our brand identity to establish where and how to make our communications more accessible to people with disabilities. The audit will serve to formulate conclusions in order to develop a well-thought-out, more inclusive brand identity. 

GEF will be providing a contract lasting for 3 months, with a budget of 3000 Euros.  



  • The service provider must be an NGO, Non-profit, Social Profit, Social Impact organisation, or consultant specialised in accessibility issues
  • Available to work as of October 2021 
  • Excellent knowledge of current trends in digital- and offline media
  • Capable of working and communicating efficiently in English language 
  • Able to take into consideration non-English speaking audiences in their analysis 
  • Keen to be as diverse and inclusive as possible in their work 
  • Flexible (e.g. can work with different response paces) 
  • Able to provide invoices  
  • Preferably located in Europe 



  • Propose and develop a strategy for the accessibility audit, taking into account the elements indicated above
  • Implement the proposed audit strategy 
  • Provide an analysis and conclusions 


Selection process 

The result of the tender will be a 3-month contract, with a budget of 3000 euros. 

Each applicant is invited to submit a proposal outlining: 

  • A brief strategic proposal for the audit and financial offer  
  • Examples to previous similar work 
  • A short presentation of the service provider 

All offers should be submitted by 18th October 2021, 23.59 CET through our application form here.   

For any questions regarding this call for tenders, please refer to our Communications Manager by 11th October 2021 latest at laura.rahman@gef.eu 

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