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Helsinki, Finland

The Green European Foundation is hosting a stimulating training in Finland for young Green activists, in collaboration with Visio.

Training in Finland for young Green activists with a strong interest in Europe

This training s a part of our transnational project “European Green Activists Training”, and will provide opportunities for 20 participants to learn more about the institutions of the European Union, Green politics and sustainable development policies.

As an additional element of this training, the participants will gain an exclusive access to our online course IMPACT EUROPE – which will enhance their critical understanding of the European Union, provide them with an analytical overview of the Green movement in the context of contemporary politics at the European level, as well as with insights into ways of generating political impact as a European citizen.

The EU Session

The Green European Foundation will contribute with a special session with the focus on Europe, the EU and the Greens on 1st and 2nd December in Helsinki. Find our more about the programme below.


The first day will consist of a visit  to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Department of Europe, and a workshop entitled ”Simulation of European Parliament” facilitated by the members of Young European Federalists of Finland.

During the second day, the participants will take part in thematic workshops, listed below:

  • “Basics of the European Union Politics” – Sirpa Hertell, Chair of the Europe Working Group of the Green Party;
  • “European Green Party and Greens at European Level”, Oras Tynkkynen, Board Member of the European Green Party;
  • “Climate Politics in the EU”, Tuuli Hirvilammi, Researcher, PHD, University of Jyväskylä;
  • “Food Policy and Security”, Carl Schlyter, Member of the Swedish Parliament and former MEP;
  • Group discussions with Russian activists about European cooperation with Russia, together with Linus Valtersson, Coordinator of the Green Forum of Sweden;

The EU training session will be accompanied by training session on national politics and culminate in a study visit to Brussels in Spring 2018, in which the participants will complement their training by experiencing the European political dimension first-hand.

Application process closed

The deadline for applications was 31 August 2017. Stay tuned for similar opportunities next year and shorten the wait by going through our online course!

Helsinki, Finland