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5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Are you an environmental activist or a member of an environmental NGO in Slovenia, Croatia or Austria? Join us for a collaborative workshop to establish cross-border cooperation for environmental struggles.

About the Event

This workshop brings together speakers from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria to share experiences on environmental struggles and green policy building in post – Corona era. The workshop aims to identify the commonalities and differences between participating countries, and to discover shared practices and future approaches in environmental activism. The participants will try to establish both in-country and regional collaboration for environmental struggles.


Slovenian environmental activists have achieved some major successes in mobilising to protect the environment in the face of harmful legislation and corporate interests. One of the major achievements was the recent successful referendum on water, which prevented the adoption of harmful legislation. However, such environmental struggles are also taking their toll on individual activists and their institutions. Activists often feel alone, they feel lack of public support and no partnership with political subjects. This workshop will try to bring activists together and help them find common approaches and enrich the collaboration within Slovenia but also with activists in Austria and Croatia. Additionally, the workshop will provide insight into political experiences of Greens and discuss how a collaboration between activists and politicians could be established to achieve environmental goals and Green Recovery goals in Slovenia and in the European Union more widely.


Guests speakers:

  • Olga Voglauer, European Green Party.
  • Jelena Miloš or Iva Ivšić, BRID Baze za radničku inicijativu i demokratizaciju (tbc).
  • Urša Zgojznik, Ekologi brez meja
  • Uroš Macerl, Ekokrog.



15.00 -15.45: Introduction

Urša Zgojznik: Future Slovenian environmental struggles and Green Recovery

Uroš Macerl: How to win an environmental referendum?


15.45 -16.00: Coffee break


16:00 -17:00: Presentations of international speakers

Olga Voglauer: How can activists and politicians collaborate in environmental struggles?

Jelena Miloš or Iva Ivšić: How to establish cross-border collaboration between environmental activists?


17:00-17:15: Coffee break


17:15 -18:30: Workshop

Group work of participants on ideas: How to establish cross-border collaboration between environmental activists?



Audience: This workshop will take place in person. Participants must strictly follow Slovenian COVID-19 measures (PCT). The number of participants is limited to 30 due to COVID-19 rules.

Date: Friday, 17 December, 15:00 – 18.30.

Language: Slovenian, Croatian, English, with simultaneous translation

Registration: Please register in advance via this link

This online conference is organised by the Green European Foundation, with the support of Institut za druzbeno ekologijo and the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.


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