Context & Objectives

Democracy in Eastern Europe is hanging by a thread. Authoritarianism is growing and nationalist narratives are reopening old conflicts. The pandemic has exposed governments’ inefficiencies to react to any sort of crisis and contributed to heighten polarisation in an already polarised society. On the other side, hope is on the horizon as progressive movements are gaining relevance locally, and mobilisation around environmental issues is rapidly growing. In this context, this publication aims to explore how to leverage these small steps and use them to strengthen the Green movement in the region. This publication is part of the Transnational Project The Future of Eastern Europe and Eco democracy.

“At least two to three generations of humans have now lived through some of the fastest changes with regards to the climate crisis and species extinction. It is up to us to reinvent politics, disrupt the status quo and create a solid foundation not only for us but also for the continued existence of biodiversity on our planet…”



Also available in Greek.


This publication has been published by the Green European Foundation with the support of Cooperation Development Networks Eastern Europe (CDNEE), Green Thought Association (Turkey), Sustainable Development Forum Green Window (Croatia), Green Institute (Greece) and Ecopolis Foundation (Hungary).

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2023, February 28
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