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This short paper is an outcome of the transnational project ‘Digital Commons – Towards A European (W)E-Democracy’, an initiative of the Green European Foundation with the support of Oikos, Etopia, Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique, Fundacja Strefa Zieleni, Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe.


Due to the digitisation of our societies, the way individuals act and interact in the private as well as the public sphere changes rapidly. Digital platforms and open source programmes as Commons can contribute to the transformation of our societies and will, wished for or not, change the modus operandi of our economy as well.

The approach of Governance of the Commons could be one solution against possible misuse and working towards a more just redistribution or a government that balances the interests of producers, workers and consumers better.

The objective of this short analysis is to address these aspects of remuneration and protection of digital tools.

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2018, January 10
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