Deconstructing the nuclear industry myth and lobbying [EN/PL] 

July 15, 2022 from 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm


The nuclear energy industry carries huge political and economic interests and is able to mobilise massive resources to promote its agenda. In order to protect its interest, the nuclear lobby does not hesitate to disseminate dubious claims or unsubstantiated affirmations. This smoke screen hides the fact that nuclear energy is not only dangerous, but also a major obstacle to a truly sustainable energy transition. While we are at the crossroads of an energy crisis and a climate urgency, debunking the myths about nuclear energy is more crucial than ever before.  

This session seeks to bring together experts and political advisors for a trans-European view of the issue and help equip the Green movement in Poland with arguments and lessons from elsewhere. 


  • Barbara Nicoloso, Virage Energie  

Barbara is the managing director of Virage Énergie, a French NGO established in 2006 to demonstrate how energy transition, climate change mitigation and adaptation can be implemented at the local level without nuclear power. Barbara studies the impacts of energy transition and climate change on public policies, urban planning, landscapes and narratives. She holds a Master degree in public policy, sustainable development and urban planning from Sciences Po Lille (France). She has published multiple essays and books on energy transition and energy sufficiency.


  • Elodie Belleflamme

Elodie has worked for Ecolo, the Belgian green party, as a climate and energy policy adviser for the past two years. She has focused her work on the decarbonization of the energy system in Belgium and in Europe. Her background in political science allows her to adopt a multi-level and systemic perspective where energy democracy and social justice is key.



    • Benoit Monange (moderator), Foundation of Political Ecology 

Benoit is member of the Board and treasurer of GEF. He is the Director of the French Green Foundation (Fondation de l’Ecologie Politique) since 2016. A graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble, he holds a Masters in public policy from the University of Grenoble. He sits on the editorial board of the journal Écologie & Politique for which he co-edited a special issue on extractivism in 2019.



  • Nickolai Denisov

Nickolai Denisov is the co-founder and the deputy director of Zoï Environment Network, a non-profit international environmental organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. Nickolai holds PhD in geography / environmental studies, and has over 30 years of experience with environmental information, assessment and communication as well as water, climate change and issues on the conflict-environment interface. As a long-time collaborator of the UN, European and bilateral assistance organisations, he has developed and contributed to numerous projects in the field, in particular in CEE, the Caucasus and Central Asia and in the context of the Environment and Security initiative.



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