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About the event

The European Green Activist Training (EGAT) is an international training program for young people (16-26 years old) culminating with a study visit to the European Parliament. The EGAT takes place between October 2021 and April 2022. During this time, participants will take part in 3 hybrid (offline+online) meetings, during which they will learn how the European Parliament works and how to implement their own social projects. Finally, they will receive microgrants and mentoring support to implement their own social projects.

Who is the EGAT for?

  • Young people between 16 and 26 years of age, both those who already have activist experience, as well as those are taking their first steps in activism,
  • Members of school climate strikes, youth city councils, youth organizations and associations or young people active in informal youth groups,
  • For people who believe in values ​​such as: respect for the natural environment and planetary boundaries, human and animal rights, democracy and openness to others, respect for people and animals, regardless of their origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or social status.
  • People who want to grow and make change to the world around them.

Good knowledge of English language is desired, but not required.

What awaits the participants of EGAT?

1.   Three hybrid meetings in various places in Poland (or online in case the pandemic situation escalates),

2.   Participation in two e-learning courses on the functioning of European Parliament.

3.   Small grants and support from mentors in the implementation of their own campaigns or local actions,

4.   Participation in a study visit to the European Parliament (might happen online, depending on the pandemic situation).


EGAT schedule

• 15 October- 15 November 2021 – three meetings and e-learning phase

During the meetings participants will get to know each other, establish new contacts and learn to plan actions and activities together. During e-learning, they will learn about the structure and functioning of the European Parliament and deepen their knowledge on policy issues. The offline meetings will take place on the following dates:


I) 15-17 October,

II) 30-31 October,

III) 12-14 November.


• December 2021 – February 2022 – implementation of own projects

Enriched with new knowledge, participants of EGAT will be able to start implementing their own ideas for action. In small teams (4-5 people) they will implement their small, local or online projects. They will receive the support of mentors, as well as microgrants (up to 1000 PLN) to implement their ideas. Project implementation is not a mandatory element of the program, but participants will be strongly encouraged to implement their own projects.

• April 2022 – visit to the European Parliament

Participants who complete all stages of the EGAT will take part in a visit to the European Parliament together with a hundred people from other countries, where similar trainings take place (Finland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Spain, Greece). During 3 days of the study tour they will visit the Parliament, meet MEPs and take part in joint workshops with young activists from other countries. Participation in the a study visit is not obligatory.

Participation costs

Thanks to funding from the European Parliament, participants have to bear only 10% of the cost of participation in the training, i.e. 200 PLN. The Green European Foundation and Green Zone Foundation will cover the costs of participation in three offline meetings (including travel, accommodation and meals), as well as the cost of participation in a study visit to the European Parliament (travel, accommodation and meals).

In case of a difficult financial situation, please contact us. We want everyone to be able to participate in the program, regardless of their financial situation, therefore, it is possible to cover 100% of participation cost from the solidarity fund for people in difficult financial situation.


Please fill in the recruitment form no later than September 6th, 2021, 23:59. All persons qualified to participate in the project will be informed about the recruitment results by September 20th.

Find more info at: www.egatpoland.org

This EGAT programme is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Fundacja Strefa Zieleni and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

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