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8:00 am - 11:30 pm

Are you interested in activism, politics and public affairs in general? Apply for this horizon-expanding experience and become one of the 15 participants of this year’s Akumulátor!

About the event

Change begins by imagining this world differently. Can you? Are you interested in activism, politics and public affairs in general? Become one of the 15 young active people and sign up! Participate in three-weekend training sessions in different corners of the Czech Republic and take an international study tour to Brussels. Starting with the first weekend in October, in March 2020 we meet in Brussels with young people from Finland, Hungary, Spain, Poland and Croatia, who are undergoing similar training courses.

What can you learn?

How to step into public space. We will discuss the various fields of politics together with activists, journalists, academics, experts, and politicians, who come to the training.

We will awaken your sense of initiative and support your skills in the field of activism, teamwork, campaigning, or work with the media. Together we will go through a whole range of approaches and tools that can change the world around. It is important for us to connect theory and practice.

In addition to practical skills, we will focus on important cross-cutting themes such as climate change, education, feminism, migration and more.


The training programme consists of 3 national trainings, online course Impact Europe and the study tour in Brussels with a short preparatory meeting before.

1st meeting:   Toulcův dvůr (Praha area), CZ

Welcome to the Akumulátor and EGAT, get engaged!

2nd meeting: November 20th – 21st, Oucmanice (Pardubice area), CZ

Feminism, gender and social justice in Czechia and in Europe

3rd meeting: February 19th – 22nd, Brno, CZ

“Czechia + EU = ?” Towards the common Europe critically, preparation for Brussels study tour

Brussels study tour: March 2019


The training course is open for participants between age 15 and 23. You don’t need to have any experiences with any kind of activism or politics, it is your motivation to make a change and impact that matters!

The sliding fee for the whole training is 5000 CZK (circa 200€). Sliding fee means, that while writing your application, you can choose how much of the real costs you can afford to pay. Institute of active citizenship will cover the remaining sum. We don’t want anyone to be excluded because of the money and the amount of your contribution doesn’t play any role in the selection of the participants!

Apply through this application form until September 4th, the decisions will be informed by September 14th. Altogether 15 participants will be selected for the course.

For more information in Czech click here.

This EGAT programme is organised by Green European Foundation with the support of the Institute of Active Citizenship and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

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