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12:00 am - 11:30 pm

Are you based in Croatia and interested in activism, ecology and their involvement in politics and public life? Do you want to make a difference to your community and beyond? Τhen the European Green Activist Training is the right programme for you!

About the event

The European Green Activists Training (EGAT) is a project organized by Green European Foundation in cooperation with Sustainable Development Forum Green Window. This project has been organised in Croatia for six years, over which the project has gathered more than 100 high school students, university students and young professionals from all parts of the country.

The aim of the project is to familiarise participants with green topics (climate change, biodiversity and environment protection, human rights and democracy, feminism, active citizenship…), green policies and sustainable development policies, as well as the EU institutions. Through various sessions and discussions involving representatives of international organizations and the European Union, the goal is to explore possibilities of active and professional involvement in building a greener and more just society.

Many previous participants remained active in the fields of sustainable development and green policies, while some even had the opportunity to pursue their career through internships or regular employment opportunities in the institutions of the EU.

Apart from Croatia, participating countries include Finland, Greece, Hungary, Catalonia, Poland and the Czech Republic.



  1. First national training session (Red Cross Lodge, Sljeme) – November 26-27 2022
  2. Second national training session (Red Cross Lodge, Sljeme) – December 10-11 2022
  3. Third national training session (Red Cross Lodge, Sljeme) – February 11-12 2023
  4. Brussels Study Trip – planned for March 2023 (exact date TBA)



Participants are required to participate in all meetings and national training sessions, as well as the study trip in Brussels.

Please apply via this form. All citizens from Croatia between 18-25 years of age are eligible to apply. We especially encourage applications from those who don’t have previous experience in topics.

After the selection process is finished, 20 participants will be selected.

The one-time participation fee amounts to 450 HRK (60 EUR), while all the other costs are covered (accommodation and lodging for all national training sessions, costs of Brussels Study Trip) by the organizer. For participants outside of Zagreb, travel costs for participation in national training sessions are also covered.

In case of the worsening of the epidemiological situation related to COVID-19 in Croatia and the introduction of more restrictive measures, national training sessions will be held online or in a hybrid format, depending on the actual situation and following recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health. All measures recommended by the Croatian Institute of Public Health, if any, will be implemented in national training sessions. In case of severe worsening of the epidemiological situation at the level of the European Union, there is a possibility of the Brussels Study Trip being postponed or cancelled.

Applications are accepted until October 15 2022.
For all additional questions, please reach out to info@zeleniprozor.hr.

Handling of personal data, collected in the scope of this application, will be carried out in accordance to the legislation of the European Union (EU Directive 95/46/EC). For additional information, please visit https://gef.eu/privacy-policy/.



This project is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of Sustainable Development Forum Green Window and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation.

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