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4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Fővám tér 8
Budapest, 1093 Hungary

Green European Foundation and Ökopolisz hosted a debate about the role of work at the Budapest Degrowth Week, on the 1st of September.

This event was a part of our ECOPRO project, which this year has a special focus on work and its role in the post-growth society.


The world has reached the “Limits to Growth” – we are in the status of overshoot, overuse, overconsumption, overpopulation. Our event on the 1st of September will be held 3 weeks after the Overshoot Day 2016 (the 8th of August), we will have used as much from nature as our planet can renew in the whole year. We need a new vision of a post-growth economy that fits again within the planetary boundaries while satisfying real societal needs, guaranteeing well-being and a future for all.

Among many others, we need to rethink our concept of WORK. Can we provide real, meaningful, added-value-generating jobs for all active-age men and women of the over 7 billion inhabitants of the Earth? If yes, how? If not, how shall we redefine and widen the meaning of WORK?

Work is much more than spending time at a job – it includes running a household, caring for children and elderly, helping in the community and other forms of voluntary and political work. To grasp the diversity of work, a green and feminist understanding of work, questioning the gender and international division of labour, is required.

Does work equal money? Equal work, equal pay? Working for a living, or a better life? What is the future of the work – and what is the work of the future?


This debate featured Bernadett Szél (Co-chair of Lehet Más a Politika, Hungary), Beate Littig (Researcher at Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Vienna, Austria), Anne Snick (KU Leuven, Belgium), Dirk Holemans (Coordinator and Editor at tink tank Oikos, Belgium) and Jonathan Essex (Co-founder of the Green House think tank, UK).

Venue: Corvinus University of Budapest – Fôvám tér 8, Budapest, Hungary, 1093

Time: 1st of September, 16h00 – 19h00

VIDEO: Watch this debate in English or Hungarian.

Fővám tér 8
Budapest, 1093 Hungary

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