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About European Green Activist Training (EGAT)

During the EGAT course, participants learn about Green values, meet politicians and experts working at the frontline of fighting for positive change, and of course connect with plenty of other like-minded young people!

The course gives them insights into the political decision-making processes on the national and European levels, develop skills as an activist to enact societal change, and explore how Green values promote more equal and sustainable societies.

The aim of EGAT is to familiarise trainees with the institutions of the European Union, green topics, green policies, and sustainable development policies, and through various activities and discussions with representatives of international organizations and representatives of the European Union, to explore opportunities for active and professional involvement in building a greener and more just society.

The training course will be comprised of two weekend training sessions in the Czech Republic, an online course, a preparation session for the Brussels trip and then culminating with a one-week study trip to Brussels to visit the European Institutions alongside EGAT participants from other countries.

  1. First national training

Czech Republic- Institute for Active Citizenship- October 24, 25

Programme: introduce EGAT programme, explore motivations and expectations of programme, presentation of Young Greens, workshops on different methods of civic participation.  

2. Second national training

Czech Republic- Institute for Active Citizenship- November 20-21

Programmefocusing on the topics of feminismgender, and social media strategies in the online era, participants will create educational content to use for their very own campaigns. Workshops on the topic of social networks and how they work as a marketing and educational tool. 

3. Third national training

Czech Republic- Institute for Active Citizenship- January 29-31 

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