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The 2020-2021 edition of the European Green Activist Training Week will take place during April 21-25th 2021. The online event hosted on the SpotMe platform will gather 104 EGAT participants who have completed their national training sessions throughout the year. 

About the Event

During the four-day event, the green-minded youth will have the chance to explore various topics such as climate justice and lobbying in Brussels by engaging with professionals, politicians, NGOs and other activists operating in and around the European Institutions, as well as with each other.  

Throughout the event, the participants will have the opportunity to discover and learn from the various other countries. Through a variety of team building and icebreaker sessions, participants will present and share information about their countries and find points of common interests and as well as differences. 

With a range of formal and non-formal training methods, including interactive workshops, the trip will be a valuable learning experience for young activists brought together by Green values and a motivation to enact change.  


Event Background

The European Green Activist Training project aims to Europeanise existing training programmes for Green activists in several European countries by incorporating more pan-European content and to make these programmes more cooperative by enabling young activists to meet and network. 



Wednesday 21 April– Welcome note 

  • Welcome note: presenting EGAT history and introduce EGAT Alumni Ambassador 
  • Present overview of programme and objectives and gather expectations from participants 

Thursday 22 April and Friday 23 April- Team building, discovering and influencing the European Union 

  • Getting to know each other and team building activities 
  • Official virtual visits to the European Parliament with MEPs Heidi HautalaSylwia Spurek, Kira Peter Hansen and Marketa Gregorova 

Parallel sessions: 

  • Green family workshop 
  • The Good Lobby workshop 
  • European Youth Seminar visit 
  • EU Careers presentation 

Saturday 24 April Climate, economy and environment 


  • Sustainable cities: workshop led by Nikoleta Petkovic- CDNEE 
  • Biodiversity and climate change: workshop led by Laura Hildt– The European Environmental Bureau 
  • Deforestations and nature degradation: workshop led by Rigas Tsiakiris– Green Insitute Greece 

Sunday 25 April: Online Activism 

  • Workshop on human rights and gender equality led by Mina/Giulio Tolu- FYEG Spokesperson 
  • Activist toolbox and training for online activism led by FYEG  
  • Groupwork and debates  


The exact details and timings of the programme are to be confirmed, please check back later for more information. 

This years EGAT edition is supported by:Ökopolisz(Hungary), Green Window (Croatia), Institute for Active Citizenship (Czechia), Visio (Finland), Fundacja Strefa Zieleni (Poland), and FundacióNous Horitzons (Catalonia). 

If you would like to take part in the next generation of EGAT, there will be a call for participant applications in late summer 2021 in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Finland, Hungary, Catalonia, Poland and Greece. 



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