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9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Via Alibert, 5A
Rome, Italy

The conference about city management was organised in Rome on the 23rd of October, by the Green European Foundation with the support of Fondazione Eco.

The focus of this conference were the Green approaches to city management as solutions to local and global challenges. The programme especially took into consideration the Commons, water and waste management. This was an occasion to highlight the examples of best practices and case studies in Italy and other European cities.

The event was preceded on the 22nd of October by the Local Councillors Conference ‘Moving ahead: Green Mobility for Healthy Cities’, organised by the European Green Party, where participants shared Green best practices from across Europe in reducing air pollution and enhancing mobility in cities, as well as to strengthen cooperation among green local representatives.

GOVERNARE GREEN consisted out of 3 sessions, each featuring thematic presentations by relevant speakers.

1. Local administration in the time of ZeroWaste  (9h45-10h45)

  • Arnaud Pinxteren: “How can Brussels be a zero-waste European capital? The plans, the policies, the struggles of the most observed and commented city in Europe.”
  • Raffaele del Giudice: “Strategies for Naples vis à vis circular economy and overcoming the difficult process of waste management.”
  • Enrico Fedrighini: “How Milan has become one of Europe’s leading cities in recycling.”
  • Francesco Emilio Borrelli: “The new regional plan for waste management and the choice of a zero waste future for the region Campania.”

2.  8 minutes to narrate green management. How to improve the life of citizens through green management: green experiences and policies as told by their protagonists. (10h45 – 11h45)

  • Flavia Marzano: “How to promote e-government in big cities?”
  • Mónica Oltra Jarque: “Winning against corruption and governing green.”
  • Eivind Trædal: “How to divest your territory from fossil fuels and live happily ever after.”
  • Carmine Maturo: “Naples: Walks for a change. Walking talks on beauty, identity and urban quality of life.”
  • Marco Gaudini: “How to buy back water management company into a public company?”
  • Andrea Costa: “How to set up grass root policies on migration: the example of Rome’s Baobab.”
  • Lucia Coppola: “How to win the Smart City award.”
  • Maria Laura Lorenzini: “How to implement good green policies in the field of heavy infrastructures.”
  • Daniela Filbier: “How to set up a project of direct democracy: the example of Possibile.”

3. Energy to the future: how to move towards zero emissions territories (12h30-13h30)

  • Michele Emiliano: “Past and present of the Italian heart of reneawable energy production.”
  • Bas Eickhout: “Implementing the Paris Agreement: from the global to the local level.”
  • Mónica Oltra Jarque: “Urban and community energy transition.”
  • Gianni Silvestrini: “The new Italian proposal for building retrofitting: beyond the green deal.”


REGISTRATION: This event is open to public and there is no participation fee. To register, send email to Davide Sabbadin (davidesabbadin@gmail.com).

Download the final programme here.

Live stream video from the event is available below.

Via Alibert, 5A
Rome, Italy

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