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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Andersa 29
Warsaw, 00-159 Poland

Green European Foundation hosted a debate about the book “Green Values, Religion and Secularism” in Warsaw on the 25th of October, with the support of the Polish Green Foundation Fundacja Strefa Zieleni.

This seminar is part of the Green European Foundation project “Green Values, Religion and Secularism”, which promotes and serves as a space for the debate within the Greens towards a more coherent stance on the changing role of religion in European society. The project is based on the book with the same name, published by the Green European Foundation together with six national Green foundations in 2015.

The debate in Warsaw was opened by Erica Meijers, co-editor of the book “Green Values, Religion and Secularism” and editor-in-chief of the Journal De Helling, published by the Dutch Green Foundation Bureau De Helling, who provided more context on the development of the book. Bartłomiej Kozek, journalist of Zielone Wiadomości, delivered insights into the discussion around this topic within the Polish society. Speakers such as Lucas Skurczyński (Protestant theologian and editor of Miesięcznik Ewangelicki), Adam Ostolski (Co-leader of the Polish Green Party Partia Zieloni), Maria Roczaczewska (sociologist from the University of Warsaw) contributed to this interesting debate and shed light on issues around this topic in the context of Poland and Europe.

Andersa 29
Warsaw, 00-159 Poland

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