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Córdoba, Spain

The current socio-environmental crisis is urging us to explore new paths to transition to a just and sustainable model. Join our Spanish Green university to explore how Europe can lead this challenge!

Event Background

The capitalist model of the 21st centuray has generated serious socio-evironmental crise, chiefly those of climate change and the degradation of biodiversity.

In the face of these challenges and the worryingly low levels of concern and action on the social and political levels, society must reflect on our future path to reverse the deterioration of the planet’s vital systems. The European Union needs to be a leader in the shifts to a more equitable and sustainable model.

About the Event

The 11th edition of the Green University in Spain, Univerde: Capitalism in Front of the Mirror – the Socio-Environmental Response to a Predatory System, will focus on the political and societal changes necessary to transition to a just and sustainable model. It will also explore the role of Europe as a leader in driving this change.

There will be particular focus on the topics of climate change, environmental refugees, geopolitics, conflicts over natural resources and Green policies versus the rise of the extreme right.

This event will allow for a political debate on the existing socio-economic model and the path forward, providing a space for exchange on good practices and real alternatives for a fairer, more equitable and respectful system for the planet.


17:00 Welcome ceremony

17:30 Opening speech “Collapsing systems. Biophysical triggers of political situation”
• Nafeez Ahmed Mosadeqq, investigative journalist, author and academic

18:30 Break

19:00 Plenary Session “Understanding the system to change it”
It is increasingly clear that the capitalist system has ceased to increase the welfare of the majority
and is pushing environmental degradation to the limit. If we do not change course and overcome the
current social and economic model, the future will be seriously compromised. But to launch the
change we need to reflect on the system itself from different fields: political, educational, economic,
social …
• Antonio Campillo, philosopher and sociologist, professor of Philosophy at the University
of Murcia and former president of the Spanish Network of Philosophy
• Julio Anguita, teacher, politician and writer
• Lourdes Lucía, lawyer, editor, activist and co-founder of ATTAC Spain
Moderator: Manuel Bermúdez, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor in the Faculty of
Education Sciences at Córdoba University

09:15 Parallel sessions
• Fake news and environmental crisis
Manuel Bermúdez, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor in the Faculty of Education Sciences at
Córdoba University
• Environmental migrations
Raquel Celis y Ana Ferri, CEAR Euskadi


Keynote speech by Fernando Valladares, research professor of the Spanish Research
Council (CSIC) at the National Museum of Natural History (MNCN) and associated professor at the
Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid

Plenary session “Biodiversity under threat”
Capitalism and its excesses are having terrible consequences on the biodiversity and ecosystems of
our planet. The latest IPBES report alerts us to its very serious situation and the threat of extinction
of more than one million animal and plant species in the coming decades. This loss and
deterioration of biodiversity on a global scale also puts humanity at serious risk by subtracting
possibilities for future generations to enjoy a decent and healthy life.
• Victoria Reyes García, environmental anthropologist. ICREA Research Professor at the
Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals (ICTA) at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
• Pilar Marcos, environmental biologist, coordinator of the Biodiversity Area of Greenpeace
• Alejandro Sánchez, biologist, regional deputy, member of the board of Fundación EQUO
Moderator: Rosa Tristán, journalist

Break for lunch

Parallel sessions
• Basic Income as a tool towards the ecological transition
Julen Bollain, economist and researcher, member of the Basic Income Network and BIEN
(Basic Income Earth Network). Member of the Basque Parliament by Elkarrekin Podemos
Jorge Pinto, research associate at the Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (University of
Minho, Portugal) and co-founder of the Portuguese party LIVRE
Lucía Baratech, economist specialized in Ecological and Social Economics. Member of the
Basic Income Network
• The emerging social movements
Yetta Aguado, Koro López de Uralde y Tomás Castillo, activistas por el clima


Plenary session: “The EU and the challenge of an unplayable ecological transition”
In this panel discussion we will try to address the real capacity and possibilities of the European
Union to make a fair ecological transition from the current social and political situation; resistance
to change and progress made; its role, responsibilities and obligations globally.
• Ernest Urtasun, MEP. Vice-president of the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament
• Susana Borrás, Associate professor of Public International Law and International Relations
and coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Environmental Law at the University Rovira i
• Marcos Castro, Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Malaga
• Juantxo López de Uralde, Ecologist. Member of the board of Fundación EQUO
Moderator: Lidia Ucher, journalist

Conclusions and closing


10:00 – 14:00  Free visit to the archaeological complex of Medina Azahara, near Córdoba.


To register for this event, please visit the Univerde website (in Spanish), where you can also find more information on the event.

Registration fees:

  • €40 for registrations before the 31 October
  • €45 for registrations 1-11 November
  • €50 for tickets bought at the event
  • Reduced fees are available from €25 and €10


Córdoba, Spain

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