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peer-to-peer exchange

About peer-to-peer exchange programme

At GEF, we seek to encourage cross-border cooperation and exchanges and aim at bridging the gap between activism at the national level and the decisions that are being made at the European level by coordinating a lively network of Green foundations, NGOs, youth organisations and activists.

In our strategic meetings of June 2019 and January 2020, our network has been involved in a participatory process of defining their greatest needs and role for GEF as a platform to discuss Europe’s shared challenges, by bringing diverse actors together.

In this context, a vision for GEF’s capacity building programme was developed, and part of this mission is for GEF to become a hub for inspiration, guidance and support for European, national and regional green actors.

The proposed GEF Peer-to-Peer Exchange Programme is part of GEF’s capacity building programme and aims to provide a dedicated space for our network of Green foundations, NGOs, youth organisations and activists to engage in inspiring, targeted interactions that will strengthen their work and ultimately their impact.

The GEF Peer-to-Peer Exchange Programme will:

  • Support the green network across Europe to mainstream discussions on European policies in national, regional and local contexts and to co-create a common green vision for Europe.
  • Strengthen GEF’s members’ and partners’ capacities to contribute to GEF’s pan-European work programme.

Applicant’s eligibility

The GEF Peer-to-Peer Exchange Programme targets national green foundations and equivalent green organisations, NGOs and activists that are members of the Green European Foundation or are partners in GEF decentralised projects to provide them the opportunity for mutual exchange and learning on topics or competences of their interest and in direct support to the work they undertake with the Green European Foundation.

The programme

The programme offers support from GEF for its members and partners to participate in a learning/capacity building exchange with another/other organisation(s). We envisage that all participating organisations will benefit from the mutual learning of such an exchange, which can be on content-related topics, as well as organisational issues, such as how to motivate volunteers, how to develop a media outreach campaign, etc.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the programme is to be implemented online until further notice and submitted proposals should therefore be possible to implement through online formats, such as webinars, etc. The programme can later be transformed into a face-to-face scheme, including study visits or job shadowing, with corresponding travel reimbursement support by GEF.

Criteria and eligibility

  • All GEF members as well as GEF partners who are currently partners in a GEF decentralised project can submit an application to participate in the programme.
  • A learning exchange can take place between minimum 2 to 4 organisations. While more organisations can apply for one common exchange programme, the focus is on ensuring that the needs of all organisations are fully taken into account.
  • Interested organisations are asked to fill in a joint application, elaborating on how the exchange will benefit the work the applicant organisations do with GEF in the context of decentralised projects, as well as indicating how the exchange will strengthen the European dimension of GEF projects. The European dimension of the exchange can be ensured for instance by connecting the learning and sharing process to transnational projects. Another focus of the exchange could be a topic of relevance on the European level or a chosen European policy area.
  • GEF partners can also apply in accordance to their needs without having found (a) suitable exchange partner(s) and ask GEF for support in finding peer organisations.
  • Applicants agree to fulfil the reporting requirements for the Peer-to-Peer Exchange Programme by completing an evaluation and budgetary report within 30 days of completing the programme[1].
  • Partners of selected applications agree to participate in a common kick off meeting online to formulate general objectives of the programme, exchange on the different training sessions taking place as well as to address any possible open questions.
  • One partner can participate in maximum 2 exchanges per calendar year.

Financial conditions

  • GEF will cover costs related to:
    • human resources of maximum 2 working days of training sessions for all participating organisations;
    • travel, accommodation and catering (nota bene! The exchanges are envisaged to take place online at least until 15 June 2020);
    • materials necessary for implementing the exchange.
  • Reporting to GEF following a prior agreement on the budget and in line with the GEF Guidebook for Project Implementation.
  • Participating partners and members will submit a financial contribution to GEF of maximum 15% of the programme costs. Organisations with no revenue will have the possibility to provide smaller financial contributions to GEF, which will be discussed and agreed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Selection process

  • Partners shall receive an answer to their application within 2 weeks of submitting it, and the decision will be made with the involvement of GEF staff and dedicated Board members who are following GEF’s capacity-building programme development.

For any questions, please get in touch with mariana.batista@gef.eu.


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