GREEN EUROPEAN JOURNAL : Making Our Minds: Uncovering the Politics of Education 

July 16 2022 from 11:45 am to 13:15 pm


Thanks to technology and the internet, today we have unprecedented access to information. While much online content is valuable and informative, there is also a great deal of compromised, biased, and untruthful information. This represents a serious risk for democracy – as access to reliable, impartial information is vital for informed decision-making and inclusive, pluralist public debate.

What are the key challenges facing Eastern European countries in terms of their information landscapes? Which initiatives and platforms are working to counter biased or false information? What are the tools and resources available to help people, especially young people and children, avoid the dangers of conspiracy theories and manipulation? And how can progressive and Green policy-makers promote information literacy?


  • Beatrice White

Beatrice is the Deputy Editor of the Green European Journal. She has previously worked for a daily newspaper in Istanbul, Turkey and in the UK House of Lords. She is a member of the editorial board of Green World Magazine. She holds an M.A. in European Cultural Studies.



  • Jennifer Kwao

Jennifer is the editorial assistant of the Green European Journal with a background in law and politics, and an MA in European Studies from KU Leuven.



  • Ioana Banach

Managing director at the Green European Foundation.




  • Adam Ostolski, Krytyka Polityczna 


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