Green it!


The challenge:

In a Europe of increasing insecurities, the chaos of a possible Brexit, and authoritarian far-right forces, we Greens are the ones speaking out most strongly and fighting for democracy and the respect of human rights. But we need to step up our game: we need to ensure that every event we hold, every training session and seminar, is exciting, energising, inspiring.

We need the right people and we turn to you, members of our Green family,  to make this happen! 


The solution:

We will create an online database of green experts and training resources, called “Green it!”. This will help us, Green organisations, to organise training sessions that really make a difference in our movement and to spread our work far more broadly.

Green it!  will:


The plan:

Our idea is simple: we will start with an online platform to make available training materials and resources, as well as allow for the recognition of those trainers who use sustainable, inclusive and forward-thinking methods in their work.

To do this, we will connect with a network of like-minded organisations who want to take on this challenge. The “Green it!” database is a necessary start, but we will certainly not stop here. We are on a mission to improve the quality of green training all around Europe!

Are you in?

Help us!

We need your help to kick start this project.

We have 3 weeks to raise at least 5000 EUR, so every contribution matters! You cannot donate? Become our ambassador and spread the word about the project!

You can make a huge difference.


Why do we need money?

You might wonder why GEF needs the money? Here’s why: we are financed by the European Parliament, but we need to secure 15% of our budget from other resources. Up until last year, half of this was done through “contributions in kind”, meaning contributions which did not  translate in cash (such as voluntary work). With only a few months’ notice, the European Parliament changed the rules, and we found ourselves in the position of having to double our cash resources!

We decided to stay optimistic and appeal to our network in a call for solidarity. Hence our venture into the first ever GEF crowdfunding campaign.

So you’re not just helping us with a new project, every contribution will help us survive a very challenging year!


Thank you

Anita Dines, David Kemp, Jean Kutten, Claudio Cutarelli, Michael Bloss, Steve Robinson, Maiju Turunen, Virginia Marantidou, Matija Penezić, Paul Jeater, Mike Owen, Petra Skuljevic, Thomas Waitz, Virag Szabo, Alexander Mayiopoulos, Thomas Montulet, Julia Lagoutte, Caoimhín Rowland, Benoit Monange, Mirjam Tiems, Gesa Storz, Joonas Laks, Timofey Ulyanov, Raúl Gómez, Antoine Neumann, David Herbert, Tuomo Pekkanen, Charles-Axel Pauwels, Héloïse Hervieux, Jon Ashe, Michal Berg, Natalie Bennett, Fotios Pontikakis, Borislav Sandov, Lise Schwimmer, Thomas Tharakan, Aleksejs Dimitrovs, Urszula Sadlowska, Ashley Sheerwood, Claudia Ortiz Reyero, Ioana Banach, Olga Kikou, Helena Szczodry, Essi Saarto, Fiona Costello, Karen Hoehn, Ville Ylikahri, Aurélie Maréchal, Lara Schmelzeisen, Marina Barbalata, Ann Verheyen, Roderick Kefferpuetz, Krisztian Simon, Nora Weis, Zoltan Zarandy, Virginia Marantidou, Peter Banach

Do you have questions or would you like to join the project?

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*We can only accept donations from citizens of EU member states.



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